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What is Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage actually originated in India, and has been around for over 2,500 years. Originally regarded as a healing art, traditional Thai massage includes influences from both Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Northern Style Thai Massage, known as Nuad Boran in Thailand means "Anciant Massage".

Thai bodywork integrates a deep, spiritual component based on Buddhism as medicine, and the idea that the mental, energetic, emotional, and physical aspects of our being are not separate. 

What techniques are used in Thai Massage?

Using a wide range of bodywork techniques, such as Thai deep tissue massage, passive stretching, and work that focuses on freeing pathways of movement in the body, such as in tendons, muscles, ligaments, and nerves. Thai bodywork can be calming and relaxing, but also holds the potential to be physically intensive deep tissue work.

What to expect during my Thai Massage treatment?

Unlike typical Western-type massages, it doesn’t involve lying on a massage table while a massage therapist applies oil to your body and kneads your muscles and pressure points.
Instead, you lie fully clothed on a mat on the ground while a practitioner uses stretching, pulling, acupressure and rocking techniques to improve flexibility and circulation, to promote relaxation and to relieve tension. Sometimes referred to as assisted yoga, Thai massage is focused on improving the flow of energy throughout your body. Movements are not forced, but guided following your body's limits. 

What are the benefits of Thai Massage?

The benefits of Thai Massage include, but are not limited to:
~Relieves headaches
~Reduces back pain
~Relieves joint stiffness and pain
~Increases flexibility and range of motion
~Eases anxiety
~Revives energy
~Improves blood circulation
~Stimulates lymphatic circulation
~Assists in removing toxins from muscle masses
~Stimulates the function of internal organs such as the stomach and intestines
~Helps the body recover from an active lifestyle
~Connects body and mind.

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