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Lou Piché
Holistic Health & Nutrition Consultant

Traditional Thai Massage Practitioner



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Traditional Thai Massage

Lou is very passionate, knowledgeable and makes sure you are at ease.  This makes the whole testing a pleasant and educational experience.  I walked out the door with great recommendations in both supplements and in different food and choices.  

- Patrick B.

Holistic Allergy Testing


I received my first Thai Massage with Lou and I am in love! What an amazing style of bodywork! I felt Lou paid close attention to my needs and my comfort and provided a treatment based on where I was tense and experiencing discomfort. The variety of techniques used was great for relaxing the whole body and treating the different aspects of my ailments. 10/10 would recommend and I can't wait for my next one!

- Megan, Campbell River

Traditional Thai Massage

Lou is a pleasure to work with. Her intelligence and breadth of knowledge in holistic health and nutrition has been a gift! Her passion for her work shows in her thoughtful questions, her respectful curiosity and her devotion to her clients' health. I highly recommend her.

- W. E, Comox Valley

Holistic Allergy Testing

What a wonderful experience! I got a 90 min. Thai Massage Session gifted for my birthday! What a treat!!!!! I loved everything about that session and my very first experience with Lou as a therapist!
Her non-judgmental, open and friendly nature, the tranquil atmosphere incl. the music, the foot bath and the smudging prior to the massage. After the session my body felt wonderfully moved and more flexible, although I did not move at all for 90 min. :-) ;-)
I felt into a deeply relaxed state and allowed myself to receive the transformative body work and healing energy. It was just wonderful!!!!!
Lou is a wise healer, sovereign Soul and beautiful, warm hearted human being. I am grateful, that the Universe crossed our paths and look forward to another session with her!
I can highly recommend her Thai Massage Sessions!!!

Sabina, Quadra Island

Traditional Thai Massage

I had a great food sensitivities/organ imbalance appointment with Lou! She is warm, friendly, and easy to chat to. The first appointment was very thorough and gave me insight into which organs are stressed and which foods may be contributing to my symptoms. After the test {which is super relaxing 😌}, Lou gave me some recommendations to help me start to rebuild my health. I am looking forward to seeing her again for a follow up in a month or so to see how my body has responded to the changes I've implemented. I'm very happy I found Wilderness Healing!

- L, Comox Valley

Holistic Allergy Testing

The body speaks and it is so exciting to learn how to interpret its messages. I was introduced to Thai Massage by Lou this week and felt seen and safe throughout the experience. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, Lou is present, light-hearted, and very respectful and understanding of the body. She provided a very enjoyable experience and I appreciate her intuitive nature as she includes body, mind, and soul. I felt very relaxed after my session and could feel the effects in my entire body. It felt like all the positive effects you feel after going for a long swim in the lake on a hot Summer day. I am looking forward to my next session.

- Julia. W, Comox Valley

Traditional Thai Massage

Lou is wonderful. I went to her for food sensitivity/allergy/organ testing (Vega Testing) and had a perfect experience (this was my third time getting this type of testing, so I have had other experiences to compare it to). She has a lot of additional samples to test outside of the standard lot, including supplements, which is very helpful. She is thorough, kind, very knowledgeable, caring, and clearly a healer. I benefited greatly from the session, and highly recommend her. If I lived closer, I would definitely also try out a thai massage! Thank you, Lou.

- Opal, Victoria 

Holistic Allergy Testing

Couldn't recommend Lou more 🤩 My Thai Massage service exceeded my expectations and I left feeling amazing. Thank you for relieving so much tension in my body.

- Jane H. Campbell River

Traditional Thai Massage

 I found the testing session to be very friendly and professional, with all results explained well and possible actions to be taken by me clearly outlined. There was no pressure to sign up for additional sessions, although due to the quality of the service provided and to assess the effectiveness of several courses of action, I would elect on my own to return for follow-up testing. Thank you!

- J. Nanaimo

Holistic Allergy Testing


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