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Is Thai Massage covered by insurance

This is a question I often get asked. The answer is: it depends of your insurance provider. Some insurance providers do, some don't. Similarly to other great modalities like Osteopathy, Reiki, Shiatsu and many more, Thai massage is not always covered by your insurer. The best thing you can do is call your insurer and ask. If the answer is "no", you can send them a request. The more people ask for a service to be covered, the more likely it will be covered in the future. Some of my clients that are covered for their Thai massage treatments have a "wellness" category or a "wellness" expense account that they manage. That is also something you can request. If you need help sending a request to your insurer, you can use the template below.

To Whom It May Concern:

As a member of our workplace health benefit plan, I would like to offer a suggestion to improve our health benefits package.

I find that Thai massage is effective in maintaining good health, and I am very pleased with the results of my treatments. Unfortunately, it is currently not reimbursable in our health benefit plan.

My Thai massage practitioner has been certified with Samadhi Thai Massage School ( who is an active member of the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC), a professional member association with high standards for its various holistic health practitioners, as well as the Thai Healing Alliance International.

I believe I should have the benefit of being able to claim Thai massage sessions provided by through my health benefit plan.

I request that our workplace health benefit plan create a Thai massage category that will allow for the reimbursement of Thai massage sessions.


You name.

There. The question has been answer! Hope this helps!


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